Seabrain, Computer and Office Consultant

John MacHardy     (802) 665-7907

Seabrain Consultant, Johnny Mac's Office and Internet Solution Center.

Things change. Let's run with it. New office tools, software, and ad campaigns. New filing techniques, new ways to reach out to your contacts. Call John MacHardy at Seabrain for ideas and implementations. 

Computer Solutions

Looking to do more in your office or business? Are you adding new computers, new advertising campaigns, upgrading hardware or software? Does you staff need to be taught new procedures in data processing, filing, and executing tasks? Seabrain can assist in research, tutoring, and setting up new configurations.

Mobile Websites, World Wide Websites

Are you easy to find? Does your message sing in the hearts of your customers and potential clients? Does your company stand out among all your competitors? Do THEY want to call you? Seabrain will work to make sure that you are found and connected.

Blogs, Email, Newsletters, Graphics

Stay connected to your customers and clients. Blog often, email correctly, sent newsletters with fresh content, and use the right graphic files to project your ideas.